We're so glad you are interested in getting started with BlueFire!

If you are a US-based non-profit, religious or educational organization, you may fill out this form to apply for the requisite HaloPays account and request a new BlueFire account.

If your organization is based in Canada or does not fall into one of the above categories, please contact us and we'll help you get a new account all setup.

Here is some of the info you'll need handy along the way:

  • Organizational information such as address, phone, email, website and federal tax ID
  • The signer's name, address and SSN (a signer is someone who is authorized to enter financial agreements on behalf of the organization)
  • The organization's bank information (ABA routing and account number can often be found on the bottom of checks)

HaloPays is the payment processor and payment gateway that you will be using behind-the-scenes. While BlueFire is the system you will interact with most frequently, you may also receive statements and other account-related information directly from HaloPays.

There is no set up fee, no contract to sign and no monthly minimum amount you have to take in.

Credit & Debit Pricing: 3% + $0.00
E-Check Pricing: 1% + $0.00

There are two other fees which occur time to time, but they are by no means common. The first is for what is called a chargeback. A chargeback is a disputed credit card transaction and there is a $15 fee per occasion. The second is for e-check rejects. These are the electronic version of the returned-check fee, typically occuring when a bank account is misentered or there is insufficient funds in the account, and there is a $5 fee per occasion.

Legal information for the organization that will be accepting payments and/or donations.


This banking information will be used to issue your deposits and debits. Please contact your bank if you need help determining this information.

Your routing and account number can be found on one of your checks. They're located among the numbers at the bottom. Be sure to use a check, not a deposit slip, as the account numbers will often differ. Also, please include any leading zeros as they are important. The routing number (or ABA transit number) is the 9 digit number that appears first, highlighted in red in this example. The account number is the next group of digits, highlighted in blue in this example. Lastly, the check number is printed.



Please enter the following information for the "signer" of this application. The "signer" should be someone who is an officer at the organization or non-profit. This is the person we will be accepting bank changes or other maintenance requests from, so they must be able to make these types of decisions on behalf of the organization.

If the signer is not listed on your organization's website as staff we recommend sending a voided check to support@halopays.com or faxing it to (877) 769-3911 in order to expedite the underwriting process. Please note that HaloPays will reach out if this is required.


This is additional information needed to setup your new BlueFire account.


Please Review: