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Registration fees are $50 per semester or $90 per year.  (Entire year must be paid in full.) Payment is due by the first meeting in September OR second meeting attended. My attendance is important to the dynamics of the group and, therefore, I will make every effort to attend all meetings. My registration fees will not be refunded after the first meeting. Please type your name above to acknowledge you have read and understand this information.

Christ's Greenfield MOMSnext dues are paid per semester.  (These dues must be paid by the first meeting in September and by the first meeting in January.)  No refunds will be given after the first attended meeting.  For all dues, we accept cash, check (made payable to Christ's Greenfield MOMSnext), or credit card.

Please choose one (1) registration payment option - either semester registration fee or annual registration fee.

Please choose one (1) registration payment option - either semester registration fee or annual registration fee.

Christ's Greenfield MOMSnext meets September through May and follows the Christ's Greenfield School and Gilbert School District calendar.  A specific calendar of meeting dates will be provided.  If a meeting is cancelled, individuals will be contacted via phone and/or email as well as Facebook (per notations on registration forms).

From time to time, photographs are taken during meetings, activities, and/or other Christ's Greenfield MOMSnext events.  By indicating above you understand your photograph might be used in promotional materials, the announcement board in the school lobby, the website, and/or on the CLOSED Christ's Greenfield MOMSnext Facebook page.  At no time is it permissible for MOMSnext activities to be videoed or live streamed online.  No names will be associated with any photographs.  If you do not wish to have your photograph published, please indicate so above.

As a courtesy to all moms, please silence (put on vibrate) your mobile phone during our meetings.  If you need to make or receive a call during our meetings, please excuse yourself from the meeting area to do so.

We love to have moms visit with us!  Visitors will pay $10 in dues per meeting attended.  Registration is necessary for them to continue attending after 2 visits.  The MOMSnext International registration fee remains $32 even if they join mid-year as they will receive the same benefits from MOMSnext International as those who registered earlier.

Please feel free to bring your nursing infant into the meeting to nurse - as you feel comfortable.

Many of our MOMSnext moms contribute financially to their families based upon a home business (such as Avon and Pampered Chef).  While we appreciate their passion and desire to support their family, we ask they are respectful when discussing their business with other MOMSnext moms.  Please also refrain from posting excessively to the CGLS MOMSnext Facebook page.  We strive to create a warm and encouraging environment - one without feeling "pressured" to attend and/or purchase items.

MOMSnext meetings and discussion groups are places for mothers to share and confide in one another.  Please be respectful to these confidences and keep them as such.  As a guideline, never share a situation or prayer request unless the person requesting it has given you permission to do so.

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