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Christ's Greenfield MOPS meets September through May and follows the Christ's Greenfield School and Gilbert School District calendar.  A specific calendar of meeting dates will be provided.  If a meeting is cancelled, individuals will be contacted via phone and/or email as well as Facebook (per notations on registration forms).

From time to time, photographs are taken during meetings, activities, and/or other Christ's Greenfield MOPS events.  By indicating above you understand your photograph might be used in promotional materials, the announcement board in the school lobby, the website, and/or on the CLOSED Christ's Greenfield MOPS Facebook page.  At no time is it permissible for MOPS activities to be videoed or live streamed online.  No names will be associated with any photographs. If you do not wish to have your photograph published, please indicate so above.

As a courtesy to all moms, please silence (put on vibrate) your mobile phone during our meetings.  If you need to make or receive a call during our meetings, please excuse yourself from the meeting area to do so.

Once MOPS Kids classrooms reach capacity, we will have a waiting list of mothers who would like to attend MOPS.  Anyone on the waiting list is always welcome to attend the meetings if they provide their own childcare.

We love to have moms visit with us!  Visitors will pay $10 in dues per meeting attended.  Registration is necessary for them to continue attending after 2 visits.  The MOPS International registration fee remains $32 even if they join mid-year as they will receive the same benefits from MOPS International as those who registered earlier.

Please feel free to bring your nursing infant into the meeting to nurse - as you feel comfortable.

Many of our MOPS moms contribute financially to their families based upon a home business (such as Avon and Pampered Chef).  While we appreciate their passion and desire to support their family, we ask they are respectful when discussing their business with other MOPS moms.  Please also refrain from posting excessively to the CGLS MOPS Facebook page.  We strive to create a warm and encouraging environment - one without feeling "pressured" to attend and/or purchase items.

Because membership dues do not fully cover operational costs of Christ's Greenfield MOPS, fundraising events and activities must be completed to sustain this MOPS group.  Our goal is to make our fundraising events fun and financially prosperous for our group's continued success.  Your participation is key; we can't do it without you! By selecting "I agree," you understand your dues DO NOT fully cover operation costs of Christ's Greenfield MOPS and you will participate in at least one of the planned fundraising events.

MOPS meetings and discussion groups are places for mothers to share and confide in one another.  Please be respectful to these confidences and keep them as such.  As a guideline, never share a situation or prayer request unless the person requesting it has given you permission to do so.

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Registration fees are as follows: Prior to August 10th, $65 per semester or $120 per year.  (Entire year must be paid in full.) From August 10th - August 24th, $70 per semester or $130 per year.  (Entire year must be paid in full.) After August 24th, $75 per semester or $140 per year. (Entire year must be paid in full.) Payment is due by the first meeting in September OR second meeting attended. My attendance is important to the dynamics of the group and, therefore, I will make every effort to attend all meetings. My registration fees will not be refunded after the first meeting. Please type your name above to acknowledge you have read and understand this information.

Christ's Greenfield MOPS dues are paid per semester.  (These dues must be paid by the first meeting in September and by the first meeting in January.)  Dues cover your childcare, MOPS Kids' activities for your children, your craft fees, and more.  As a result, no refunds will be given after the first attended meeting.  For all dues, we accept cash, check (made payable to Christ's Greenfield MOPS), or credit card.

Please choose one (1) registration payment option - either semester registration fee or annual registration fee.

Please choose one (1) registration payment option - either semester registration fee or annual registration fee.

CGLS MOPS KIDS 2018-2019 REGISTRATION FORM: Should there be a reason to contact you during a MOPS meeting, a text will be sent to you and/or a MOPS Steering Team Member who will notify you that you are needed in MOPS Kids. We provide water and goldfish to all children in MOPS Kids.  DO NOT bring a different snack unless it is due to allergies.  (Please advise MOPS Kids workers.)  Also, if you bring a bottle or sippy cup, please LABEL prior to arriving. ALL FIELDS ARE REQUIRED FOR EACH CHILD REGISTERED WITH MOPS KIDS!

1.  Please DO NOT bring your child if they have had a contagious cough, fever of 100+ degrees, green runny nose, or any other potentially contagious illness within the last 24 hours. 2.  Please DO NOT bring you child's toys from home, with the exception of a security item or lovey, to MOPS Kids.  Please label any items that are brought with first and last name. 3.  Please bring a sippy cup or bottle for your child to drink from making sure to label the cup with the child's first and last name. 4.  Please sign your child in at the table by the door, put on his/her name tag, and write any relevant instructions on the sign-in sheet. 5.  Please let us know if your child has any allergies.  We will post it on your child's name tag. 6.  Please walk your child to their appropriate classroom.  Please do not drop your child off before 9:15 a.m. 7.  Please try to avoid getting your child early unless you are contacted.  (This causes LOTS of distress for other children who want to see their mommies, too!)  If you know you must pick up your child early, please let the worker know so they can be discrete. 8.  Please pick up your child promptly by 11:15 a.m. and be sure to sign them out. 9.  The MOPS Kids' workers have been instructed to handle disciplinary situations as follows:  When a child commits an offending behavior, such as hurting others, climbing or running in the classroom, a worker will ask them not to continue.  If the problem persists, the child's mother will be called so that she may take any additional disciplinary action. 10.  For children being potty trained, please consider either putting them in pull-ups for MOPS mornings or be prepared to take your child to the bathroom on the schedule you set.  It is difficult for the MOPS Kids' workers to take children on frequent potty breaks while watching others. 11. By signing I understand and agree that all moms participating in the childcare at CGLC MOPS must RSVP to the childcare reminder text, Facebook event and/or childcare reminder messages no later than 12 p.m. (noon) Arizona Mountain Time the Wednesday before the meeting. This will secure my child's spot in childcare, and make sure there is adequate staff numbers in the childcare rooms. I HAVE READ AND UNDERSTAND THE POLICIES OF CHRIST'S GREENFIELD MOPS KIDS. Please type your name above.

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